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Please take a moment to support our student in a survey

28 Sep 2023 9:39 AM | Melissa Wilson (Administrator)

Call for Participants Social Media Post


My name is Akoni Kanaele and I am a clinical psychology doctoral candidate interested in the perception of the impact of imperialism and decolonialization on Kānaka well-being and identity. I want to invite you to participate in a study on Kānaka perceptions about these topics.

The title of the study is A Qualitative Study On Kānaka Perceptions Of Imperialism On Their Well-being. I will serve as the principal investigator. In this study participants will be asked to participate in an in-person interview and will be asked about their perception of how imperialism has impacted their well-being and identity. Participants will also be asked about their perception of decolonization on their well-being. The interview should last approximately 45 minutes. Up to two hours per interview will be provided if needed. Your participation in this research is completely voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time during the study. When data from the study is used, no identifying information will be shared, and all information will be reported together. There are no known risks with this study. There are no direct benefits in participating in this study, however findings could provide personal insight as well as relevant information for educators, social service providers and civil services. If you are interested in participating, please review and complete the attached eligibility questioner. You will be contacted directly if you are selected to participate in this study.

Eligibility form:

Mahalo for your time and consideration.

Aloha piha,

Akoni Kanaele

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